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If you think that bitcoin is only for the rich then you should really consider learning more about the future of digital assets. 
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Bitcoin, Altcoin,  Coins everywhere how can you learn more about this amazing market?   
Why is this important?
Digital coins are the future that is not managed by anyone but you!  This is why digital coins are getting so popular. 
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So you have heard about Bitcoin and you want to know more?

Everything you need to learn so you can own buy and sell bitcoin. 

Find out why you should own digital currency!

when you consider how the future is changing so rapidly the only thing that really matters is knowledge.   
Often people tend to fear things they do not understand and that is very true about bitcoin and digital currency. 

Simply stated people fear what they do not understand!

This is why you should educate yourself about what bitcoin is and how it works and more importantly never buy 
bitcoin with the idea that you might get rich!

Always buy bitcoin with money that you do not need for anything else and if you just do not have any extra money 
it is far better to not buy crypto!

If you do not have extra money bitcoin is not for you!

The reason why this is important is that you want to buy bitcoin with money that you do not 
need for other things!  Seriously this is really important!

The reason why this is so important is that some people tend to think that they can buy bitcoin and then sell it for a profit but the truth is that sometimes and probably more often than not the price of bitcoin can go way down or way up and if you use money you need for things like food or rent then you could end up losing too much money. 

The best way to invest in bitcoin is with money that you have that is not needed for anything else. 

I know some people that instead of having a starbucks coffee every day they take their own coffee. 

Instead of buying a pizza prepare your own meal at home. 

Then you can then take that money that you saved and do something else with that money. 

This is probably the biggest mistake that most people make when first getting into crypto. 

So do the research and look at what money you have and how you spend it and no it is not ok to 
give up meals or stay at home all the time so you can save money to buy bitcoin. 

Be responsible with your money!

Bitcoin is cool and buying and selling it is fun but only if you do it responsibly!


One of the most important things you 
can do is to arm yourself with the 

Managing your future

If you knew now what would happen in the 
future would you make changes now?

The truth about BTC and Digital currency.